The Town of Claremont is recognised as a premier western suburb of metropolitan Perth, a place of great beauty, history and heritage, with a Town Centre and retail experience fitting for this type of location.

In recent years the development of hundreds of new high quality apartments, attraction of many new residents and major investments into the Claremont Town Centre and the showcase Claremont Quarter retail centre have reinforced Claremont as a premier destination and premium location for both residents and visitors.

During this same period, the State Government of Western Australia announced the development of the Forrestfield Airport Link, a transport link designed to connect the western rail line with the Perth airport, designating Claremont Train Station as suitable for the turn back point for this new rail system.

The Public Transport Authority, tasked with delivering this new rail system rapidly began to plan their new design solutions for the Claremont Station, cutting off 120 year pedestrian connections, disconnecting heritage bridges from the station platform and introducing DDA compliant designed overpasses suitable in a modern rail facility, but hardly suitable for a precinct described as ‘fine and delicate’ by the Office of the Government Architect.

Faced with a major State infrastructure project on its doorstep, Claremont must find the best way to negotiate through this challenge, recognising the State’s responsibility to plan for the greater good, whist also seeking to protect the integrity of its Town Centre and its identity.

Abstract from ICTC 2019 Conference
Authors: Liz Ledger, Chief Executive Officer, Town of Claremont and Andrew Smith, Director Infrastructure & Assets, Town of Claremont