About Us

Since 1995

International Cities Town Centres and Communities Society

The ICTC Society had its origins as an unincorporated association since 1995.

The unincorporated association became a not for profit incorporated association (IA 31336) on the 25th of July 2002.




Aims of the ICTC Society

To enhance the quality of life of inhabitants of cities, towns & communities.

To assist cities, towns and communities to be as environmentally, socially & economically sustainable as possible.

To facilitate world best practices in the planning, development and management of cities, towns and communities and particularly the planning, development and management of public spaces and infrastructure.

To bring together the required visionary professionals to discuss the challenges of replacing sprawl with compact environmentally, socially and economically acceptable environments.


ICTC Society Conferences & Exhibitions have been held in the following host communities:-

2019 Townsville QLD
2018 Fremantle WA
2017 Melbourne VIC
2016 Launceston TAS
2015 Wollongong NSW
2013 Mandurah WA
2012 Gold Coast QLD
2011 Hobart TAS
2010 Coffs Harbour NSW
2009 Geelong VIC
2008 Sydney NSW
2007 North Shore NZ


International Cities, Town Centres & Communities Society