Population forecasts across the next 10 years indicate Maroondah will gain 500 new households annually. To ensure we can provide for this growth Maroondah City Council is developing innovative ways to protect our valued natural environment while enabling more intense urban development in an effective and sustainable way.

Most redevelopment of suburban residential lots involves landowners demolishing the house and subdividing their block. Much of the land becomes occupied by driveways; space for gardens is fragmented; and the pattern is repeated until a neighbourhood has no diversity in housing, excess driveway pavement, limited green space and reduced tree canopy. The area becomes crowded and unwelcoming.

Council is working with our community and Swinburne University to develop a world- first approach to significantly assist in resolving these issues.

The project consists of research and land analysis to determine locations where ‘Greening the Greenfields’ will provide development that has community benefit, incorporate better design principles, and minimise adhoc development.

Working together with local property owners, developers, and the community, Council is exploring possible areas for land amalgamation – where landowners can work with their neighbours to amalgamate individual lots into one larger parcel of land – known as a “precinct”.

This “precinct” approach improves benefits for landowners, while transforming our local neighbourhoods. It will enable diversity in housing types, provide more open space, and ensure best practice in environmental design. The whole community benefits with improved open spaces and canopy tree cover, better pedestrian connections as well as potential new open space and community infrastructure.

Abstract from 2019 ICTC Conference
Author: Nora Lamont, Councillor, Maroondah City Council, Australia