The future is here. Australia is being transformed by a growing population and the need for a new generation of compact town centres and ambitious new cities designed around people, not cars, for maximum connection, sustainability and liveability.

These paradigm-shifting places are affordable, walkable, energy efficient, technologically flexible and socially engaged. Distinctive local answers to the global challenges of climate change, population growth and social disconnection. We are seeing a fresh approach to people focussed urban design, which has been lost since the development of our pre-WW2 settlements.

ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects is at the forefront of the new urbanism movement in Australia. Partner, Dean Landy, is the architect and urban designer leading the practice’s urban design, mixed use and retail sectors high-impact projects including:

1. TriBeCa Village, Point Cook: a walkable mixed-use urban village combining medium-density housing, community facilities and retail with surrounding parks and wetlands.
2. Minta City: an innovative masterplanned community with a focus on creating 11,000 jobs.
3. CLARA: Australia’s most ambitious new cities project, comprising eight compact smart cities across Victoria and NSW connected to Melbourne, Canberra and Sydney by high-speed rail. Self-sufficient in energy and water use. Australia’s first cities designed around people, not private cars, in 100 years. The first city is proposed north of Shepparton and will be only a 30-minute commute to and from Melbourne. It links urban neighbourhoods via extensive gardens and waterways and will ultimately be home to 500,000 residents and employers, world-class healthcare, education and innovation, automated logistics, trackless trams, solar farms, urban forests and cultural, market and sporting precincts.

Abstract from ICTC 2019 Conference
Author: Dean Landy, Partner, ClarkeHopkinsClarke Architects