Advisory Committee

International Advisory Committee

Molly Alexander

Executive VP Economic Development, Downtown Austin Alliance
Austin, Texas, USA 

Molly Alexander has had a successful career spanning 25 years in downtown revitalization, economic development, and enterprises in both the public and private sectors.  As the Downtown Austin Alliance’s (DAA) associate director, Molly Alexander leads the organization’s strategic planning and implementation, downtown retail development, operational management, and special projects such as the Congress Avenue initiatives. She orchestrates a full range of programs that help vitalize the Austin business sector and create a sense of place.  

Malcolm Allan

Managing Director, Place Matters
United Kingdom

In 2003 , Malcome set up the world’s first dedicated place branding agency – Placebrands. 

Prior to Placebrands, Malcolm Allan was as a town planner and development economist in local government in the UK. 

Over the course of 40 years of practice he developed an interest in place-making and destination development which led to a deep and passionate interest in the contribution of place brand strategy to those fields and has pioneered the role of place brand strategy in the real estate development, in the renewal of city and town centres and in developing the offer of the tourism and culture sectors.

Ausralian and New Zealand Advisory Committee

Leo Jensen

Principal, Leo Jensen Consulting
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Leo has held executive level positions in a number of local government authorities including Rockhampton City Council, Caboolture Shire Council, Moreton Bay Regional Council and Lockyer Valley Regional Council.  He has also held senior planning roles at Gold Coast City Council.

Leo has extensive experience in development assessment, strategic land use planning, environmental planning, community engagement and community development.

Munir Vahanvati

City Architect, Darebin City Council
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Munir is an urban designer with more than 15 years of experience in local government and private sector. His architectural background and a strong approach to design innovation has allowed him to work on a wide range of projects starting from product design, building design to large scale master planning, urban regeneration and streetscape improvement projects. 

Munir has been responsible for developing innovative programs and strategies including the multi award winning Moreland Apartment Design Code, Moreland Parklet Program and the Virtual Moreland Project.

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