Wednesday, 21 February 2018
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ICTC Society Partner Organisatins

The ICTC Society currently has partnership status with the following organisations:-

PlaceMaking NZ

Placemaking NZ was established back in 2010 by a group which included local government employees and consultants.

The organisation has hosted several forums and gained a following from the built urban environment community.

Its regular communication with members has been by an online newsletter.

During 2012 the organisation has expanded its marketing reach by striking a partnership arrangement with Mediaweb, publishers of NZ Local Government magazine.

Regular placemaking features are scheduled for April, July and October's issues, and this will be a huge boost for profile.

ICTC members are invited to follow placemaking developments in NZ and Australia and are encouraged to subscribe to the placemaking newsletter.

Complimentary copies of NZ LG magazine are available to anyone who is a newsletter subscriber.

The International Downtown Association (IDA) of Washington D.C. USA


The Institute of Place Management (IPM) of London UK 



BID Course

Are you interested in doing a Business Improvement District (BID) Executive Management Course via online learning - then click here